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One of the hottest pieces of health and exercise equipment on the market today are whole body vibration systems. Based on research done by the Russians in the 60’s, modern vibration equipment offers a plethora of health and physical benefits.  Capable of assisting with muscle and strength building, detoxification, weight loss, drastically reducing work out lengths and simplifying methods, the WBV system can replace most gym equipment. There are several styles and types of WBV equipment available, making it easy to offer whole body vibration in Atlanta, GA at the Luxury Lash Lounge.

Traditionally, diet and exercise were considered the best methods of weight loss, making weight loss goals next to impossible for some individuals to achieve. By spending just a few minutes on a WBV platform, an individual can expect to lose weight fast, and keep it off. A WBV system shrinks visceral fat and keeps it off by accelerating the metabolic and hormonal systems. This system also decreases Cortisol, which is a serious enemy to those trying to drop those extra inches around the waist.

What WBV Can Do For You 

There are several health benefits that WBV offers, many of these will make a serious impact on how you look and feel. By standing on a WBV platform you will stimulate several internal systems at one time, boost your fitness and strength levels, enhance your tone, increase flexibility and bone density while also improving your range of motion, all within just a few minutes. A WBV platform will simultaneously stimulate important internal systems such as the nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular, and hormonal systems. This stimulation encourages detoxification and improved levels of performance throughout the mind and body.

Why WBV Works Wonders for So Many People

Committing to a strict diet and exercise regimen is often next to impossible for busy people. Finding the time to diet and work hard at the gym to lose weight and keep it off is very difficult for those who already have a full schedule. The short workout sessions on a WBV system take up less than a half hour of time, target all of the large and small muscle groups, eliminate fat and cellulite at remarkable rates, all while working miracles inside the body by stimulating entire internal systems. To learn more about Luxury Lash Lounge’s WBV treatments, or to schedule a session of whole body vibration weight loss in Atlanta, GA, don’t hesitate to call us today!