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Ten Tips for Softer Skin this Fall

The time to pack away your summer wardrobe is quickly approaching. Another thing you should consider putting away for the season is your skin care routine and the products you have been using all summer. Cool weather dries the air, leaving you with dry and flaky skin.

Getting a head start on having hydrated skin is rather easy if you follow these ten skin care tips for fall:

  • Trade your summer body wash gels for a creamier soap-free formula that will give dry skin a boost in hydration.
  • Add an oil based body scrub to your skin care routine. In addition to sloughing off dead skin, an oil based scrub will provide extra hydration to keep dry winter skin at bay.
  • Use a water based lotion and perfect timing to moisturize your skin. The best way to keep your skin from looking scaly is to moisturize it daily, especially after a shower to seal absorbed moisture in.
  • Assess the drying effects cold weather has on your skin. Since cold weather changes and dries your skin, ditch some of the summer skin maintenance products that you have been using for moisture rich products.
  • Adapt an organized schedule into your skin care routine. You can avoid overusing the products that can dry your skin out by setting aside specific days for each skin care treatment.
  • Continue protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. Though you will be bundled up well, the sun can still cause permanent damage to your skin. Be sure to use a sunscreen formula with a rating of at least SPF15 before heading outside.
  • Keep your feet soft with a pumice foot scrub and use moisturizing products on them.
  • Add cuticle oil to your nail regime to keep your nails looking great this winter.
  • Trade summer nail polish colors for the deep colors of fall.
  • Keep hand lotion close at all times to keep hands soft and beautiful.

These ten tips will keep your skin healthy and gorgeous this winter. Give yourself an additional beauty boost by having a luxurious hydrafacial. You can also enhance your beautiful eyes with an exotic set of eyelash extensions.

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