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Healthy Tips to Rejuvenate Your Skin

The state of your skin is a good indicator of your overall health. Blemishes, discoloration, dryness, and other issues are often symptoms of an underlying condition. They should not be treated as superficial problems that can be waved off with topical solutions. Beauty products have their place but what’s inside matters a lot more. People should pay careful attention to what they consume as the food we eat affects our health and outward appearance. Proper nutrition is an excellent way to get to the heart of the matter. Here are a few healthy choices to rejuvenate your skin:

Keep It Fun Under the Sun

Sun damage is never pleasant. As much as possible, we should avoid over-exposure to prevent this. Yet, there are times when we simply have to spend a lot of time outdoors. We can protect our skin from the inside by consuming a substantial amount of tomatoes in our diet. A study that came out of Newcastle University showed that the lycopene from this fruit helps counter free radical damage and issues caused by UV radiation. For optimal absorption, add cooked tomatoes in meals with healthy fats like avocados and eggs.

Increase Collagen and Reduce Inflammation

Collagen helps to keep the muscles looking young and fresh. You can stimulate the body’s collagen production by eating food rich in the raw materials required to make it, such as lean red meat. It’s filled with vital amino acids, iron and zinc, a known solution for inflammation. Those with dietary restrictions that prevent them from consuming red meat may opt for seafood, cottage cheese, and cabbage instead for the amino acids. Zinc is abundant in lentils, raw oysters, and kidney beans.

Lower Risk of Skin Cancer

Excessive sun exposure doesn’t just cause redness and irritation. If perennially exposed to harsh sunlight, people can develop what may look like moles but are actually symptoms of skin cancer. Studies show that drinking green tea can lower the risk of developing this. Regular consumption can also reverse UV damage in 6 months. It can even hasten the healing process of damaged blood vessels and protect individuals from cardiovascular ailments.

Eat Probiotics

Those who can tolerate lactose should make it a habit to consume probiotic food and drinks every day. They populate the gut with good bacteria that promotes digestion and regular bowel movement. Research has also found a correlation between unhealthy guts and common skin conditions. Find products low on sugar such as Greek yogurt. You may even use it as a chemical mask by adding olive oil.

Fortify Hair and Nails

Healthy skin is needed to grow thick healthy hair and nails. Green beans are rich in the mineral silicon, which helps in reaching this target. It is nutrient-dense and contains folate, potassium, calcium, and several vitamins. While waiting for hair to grow longer, you may want to invest in eyelash extensions to complete your look.

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