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An in-grown hair can be a painful, but temporary, inconvenience. Most people will endure one at some time, maybe thinking that it’s a pimple in their bikini area or under an armpit. It feels like that, and eventually goes away much of the time. But what about in-grown hairs that don’t go away on their own? If you thought waxing was just for great-looking legs and smooth skin, you may be surprised. Keep reading to learn more about in-grown hairs and how Luxury Lash Lounge’s new Pampered Tush and Pampered Peach treatments can help keep your sensitive areas pampered and pleasant year-round.

What is an in-grown hair? Hair follicles usually grow outward, but sometimes they grow to the side or downward. Coarse hair is more likely to grow back into the skin, and that’s just what shaved hair is like: coarse and thick. That’s why in-grown hair is most common in areas where shaving occurs. Hair becomes sharp enough to grow back into the skin and leave a bump, possibly changing the color of skin over time.

Waxing In-grown Hairs

Waxing removes a few of the common problems associated with in-grown hair. One is coarseness. After three or four treatments, the hair in waxed areas becomes softer and thinner. Second is cleanliness. Before treatment, professionals clean and gently exfoliated the area to be waxed. This helps remove dead skin that blocks hair from growing properly. 

Also, hair growth, in general, poses a risk. While hair in waxed areas grows back, the process is slower when a consumer waxes versus shaving. Waxing in the bikini region can also reduce problems with darker pigmentation by reducing or removing in-grown hairs. A Brazilian wax gets rid of hair in the front and back of a woman’s pubic area, leaving a strip of hair, a shape of hair, or no hair at all.

Pampered Peach & Tush Treatments

Luxury Lash Lounge is proud to announce Pampered Peach and Pampered Tush, two treatments that that incorporate waxing with our own unique blend of soothing creams and cleansers, perfect for the sensitive areas on a lady’s body. When you book a Pampered Peach or Pampered Tush treatment, you can rest assured that those areas where in-grown hairs most frequent will be smooth, detoxified and fresh. 

Give Luxury Lash Lounge a call today to learn more about Pampered Peach and Pampered Tush treatments in Atlanta, GA. Our fully-trained, knowledgeable aestheticians will give you a detailed break-down of these treatments, and will find an appointment time that best fits your schedule. For best results, where loose shorts or pants so that your peach and tush can breath after being pampered!