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Knowing the Truth About Eyelash Extensions

Most people who have eyelash extensions applied love the way that they look after the procedure is done. It leaves their lashes looking better than they ever did before, and boosts confidence as well. However, with every new beauty trend there are bound to be those who create myths about that trend that simply that: myths. Here’s the truth about eyelash extensions, along with a few myths.

Myth – Your extensions will not stand up to the summer heat.

Truth – Water, oils from sunscreen and good old humidity can actually help your lashes hold better, depending on the glue that is used when applying your extensions. Premium glues, especially those made by the brand Novalash, can help hold your lashes better. This is a great alternative to mascara, which can drip down your face and create a huge mess during the summer months.

Myth – Eyelash extensions are bad for your natural eyelashes.

Truth – If your synthetic eyelashes are applied properly by a Paramedical Aesthetician like makeup artist Paige Conner, you will never have to worry about this happening. However, sometimes inexperienced aestheticians apply one synthetic lash to multiple natural lashes, causing the lashes to clump up and fall out. While your eyelashes will fall out naturally during their growth cycle, they won’t fall out simply because you have eyelash extensions.

Myth – Anyone can apply their own lash extensions.

Truth – Demonstrably false. The application process is a very precise art, and needs to be done by a professional at all times. Strong glues are used during application, and without proper technique may damage your skin or eyes.

If you are considering eyelash extensions, always trust the professionals at Luxury Lash Lounge to apply them for you. We only use the highest quality Novalash products, and always take every step necessary to ensure your safety, while providing you with longer, fuller, more beautiful eyelashes that you can sleep, swim and live in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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