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The number of weight loss products on the market can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know which ones to trust. Lipo Light is one product that is both safe and affordable.  Using sixteen pads that are lined with medical LED lights, this light-emitting diode system specifically targets fat cells, making it perfect for those stubborn areas that are hard to lose.  Because it is such an effective product, the Lipo Light weightloss is now available at Luxury Lash Lounge in Atlanta, GA.

How Lipo Light Helps With Stubborn Weight Loss

Certain fatty areas on the body can be next to impossible to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. Now, with Lipo Light treatments, these stubborn areas can easily be targeted. By emitting a deep penetrating light from medical LED lights, the permeability of fat cell membranes is temporarily altered. Once this alteration occurs, the fat inside the cell is emulsified and leaked into the lymphatic system, which sweeps the fat away. Combined with exercise and hydration, Lipo Light treatments can permanently eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite.

Why Lipo Light is Perfect Weight Loss Treatment

Many people prefer the painless route when it comes to any sort of body treatment. Lipo Light offers painless results with no recovery or downtime. This treatment also eliminates risks such as nerve damage, scarring, numbness, and other negative effects associated with surgical weight loss treatments. Since the penetration of the medical LED lights in a Lipo Light system absorbs close to 70%, and laser treatments only absorb around 30%, a lot of people prefer Lipo Light treatments over laser treatments.

Benefits of Lipo Light Treatments

Unlike other types of treatments that target fat, Lipo Light sessions are a painless and natural way to slim down. Many people experience the loss of two to six inches over the course of their treatment plan. Being able to eliminate fat without painful and debilitating surgery makes the Lipo Light system a better option for someone wanting to shed a few inches.

Developing a Weight Loss Treatment Plan

To create a weight loss plan that will work wonders, consider the Lipo Light combined with a whole body vibration treatment. You can enhance both of these plans with adequate exercise, dieting, and by staying hydrated. Contact the Luxury Lash Lounge today to learn more about, or to schedule your Lipo Light Treatment in Atlanta, GA.

My-Lipo Package with Antoinette Lipham

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2 body vibration session with each treatment