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Create a New Hairdo for an Autumn Lift

What better way to keep your look fresh than to change your hairstyle with the seasons? Here are some ideas for 10 fall hairstyles to get you started.

  1. Dust off the flatiron. Super shiny, long straight hair is back this fall. The look is so great no wonder it is replacing the natural wavy look.
  2. Ombre hair colors and styles are toning down. Wearers of this style want more elegance so colors are going subtle.
  3. Bangs are always in style and this season thick bangs are back. The trend is toward generous, thick bangs that vary from straight across to having sides that curve a little downward at the edges.
  4. The lob is still around this fall. Ordinarily a straight style, innovators are adding waves and twists to their medium-length locks.
  5. With the end of summer, the popularity of pink hair as clip-ins or dyed strands, has given way to deep shades of cherry or raspberry. The new colors are more in line with cold weather elegance than the hot days of summer and hanging out on the beach.
  6. Blonde tresses in numerous layers can look a little passé. The look can be updated by creating layers of really thick sections, adding extensions if necessary to get the look.
  7. Say goodbye to ballerina buns and chignons for your next up-do. For an elegant look, put your hair into beautiful braids and twist them into a crown on your head.
  8. You’re going to need a curling iron with a wide barrel to lift and create movement in a regular length bob. It takes only a little effort to create a great look.
  9. A bouncy curly-do may be just the thing for you this autumn. Overall, tightly curled hair is back and has been updated by being less controlled and freer.
  10. The pixie is gained popularity in recent years. This great short cut originated in the late 1950s and has been fashionable ever since. The look can be romanticized with side bangs and wisps that frame the face.


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