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Professional Hair Style of the Month – Loose Chignon

Because our hair is such an important part of our identity, most of us spend lots of time looking for different styles to show off its beauty. We all know that different hairstyles send messages about us in both our social lives and our work lives. For that reason, some hairstyles are appropriate for social occasions but might be too detracting to wear at work.

Keeping that in mind, there is plenty of flexibility with what is appropriate for the workplace. If you want a different way to wear your hair to work, and are looking for a style that you can create yourself, how about putting your locks up in a casual, attractive chignon style that will say you are a professional but are not uptight and formal?
Depending on your workplace, you should know how far you can go with a hairstyle without it being inappropriate. If you are really lucky, your office may be one where anything goes. Whichever it is, this style that is part bun and part chignon is fun and will work with almost anyone.
Here are the directions for creating a loose chignon look.

Begin by lightly spraying your hair with a preparation spray until your hair is wet and then dry it by brushing it with your fingers. You want a rough texture.
Divide your hair vertically into three sections (as you would for a braid). Take the middle piece and hold it together with a small hair band at the very end. Make sure the band is flat and thin so it won’t add bulk.

Begin the chignon by rolling the center section under into a loop from the very end until it reaches your neck. It should make a single loop that you secure in place at the center of your head with hairpins or bobby pins. The rest of your hair will be wrapped around the beginning section.

Take small strands of hair alternately from the side sections and wrap them somewhat loosely around the “bun.” Continue wrapping strands around the bun until all of your hair is in place. Remember you want the entire effect to be casual and with lots of texture and not super smooth.

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