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Professional Eyelash Extensions Make A Bold Statement

Eyes say a lot about a person, so allow your eyes and your sparkling personality to stand out with lash extensions from Luxury Lash Lounge. Here are ten fall beauty tips that start with eyelashes:

The Eyes Have It

Eyelash extensions give beautiful eyes a chance to grab the attention they deserve. Once your lashes are noticed, your entire face will be in the spotlight. 

Avoid Fakes

The best lash extensions can be found at professional lash salons and studios. Unfortunately, there are some awful products on discount store shelves that cause more harm than good. Stay away from them. 

Expert Hands

It is also a good idea to leave lash extensions to an expert. Lopsided lashes look worse than sticking with the short, thin ones you have now. 

Desert the Department Store

Visiting the cosmetics counter for lash updates is a hassle for busy ladies. You must visit frequently to keep lashes up-to-date. Luxury Lash Lounge attaches lashes that last.

Go Natural

Enjoy the natural look of single-fiber synthetic eyelash extensions. Surgical grade adhesive, not dollar store glue, fastens them to your existing lashes, so they remain intact while you swim, shower, and sleep. They won’t rub off and fall out the way department store lashes do and, best of all, you cut down on the time it takes to finish your beauty regimen.

Fill ‘er Up

Make a visit to Luxury Lash Lounge and get thicker, fuller-looking lashes. Mascara appears to enhance depth, but it’s messy. Extensions are clean. Select a specific thickness of eyelash extensions. In the summer, you were shedding layers, but fall is the time to layer up again, and that goes for your eyelashes too.

Color Choices

Choose from several colors of extensions. Select a shade to match the color of your hair. 

Lashes as a Hassle-Free Start

Obtain professional guidance to help you get the look you want for any event or just because you want to look your best. The experts at Luxury Lash Lounge have worked with celebrities, so don’t stop at lashes — ask for tips about your entire face.

Lash Extensions for Fall Fun

Harvest, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties are all around the corner. You want to look your best so book a time to have your lashes extended before you slip into your party dress. 

Classic Style

Eyelash extensions never go out of style, so make them the basis for everything you do with cosmetics. Don’t forget to touch up on a recent lash extension around the same time you update your festive wardrobe.

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