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NovaLash Eyelash Extensions – Top Quality and Unmatched Safety

Our eyes frame our face and are, some say, “the window to the soul”. It’s one of the first places a person looks when they are talking, and with the advent of eyelash extensions, it may be hard for people to look away.

Originating from Korea, an eyelash extension is a beauty service that is making waves in the beauty industry.

Single eyelashes, often synthetic, are applied to your own eyelashes — one at a time — to extend the length of your  lashes to give you a completely natural look and feel. Unlike stick-on false lashes, these extensions are semi-permanent, and can be worn each and every day, morning noon or night. Quality NovaLash eyelash extensions even remain intact in the shower and when you’re swimming.

Founded in 2004 by a biologist and cosmetic chemist, NovaLash has been producing the best extensions for 10 years, becoming the first global distributor of eyelash products. In addition to lash extensions, NovaLash has developed award-winning formulas like the Platinum Bond Adhesive which is formaldehyde free. In fact, all its medical grade adhesives are purified, with no exposure to contaminants. NovaLash undergoes strict testing to ensure their products comply to American health and safety standards.

Using the Platinum Bond Adhesive, NovaLash extensions are proven to last twice as long as other extensions, with touch-ups recommended based on your natural lash growth cycle, around every 4-6 weeks. The NovaLash application technique allows your natural lashes to grow after the application process to prevent any interruption to the growth of your natural lashes.

For eyelash extensions in Atlanta, Luxury Lash Lounge uses Novalash products, with certified lash stylists who will ensure safe application and a flawless finish. Every eyelash technician has undergone comprehensive NovaLash training, which takes them through safety procedures and advanced techniques.

When you choose Luxury Lash Lounge for your extension procedure, you can rest assured that your safety will never be compromised and that you will love your new lashes, day and night.

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