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Moving On From Mascara

If you live in or around the city of Atlanta, you have probably heard a lot of people talking about one of the newest beauty crazes in the metro area: eyelash extensions. You may have thought to yourself, “Why would I need eyelash extensions when I have perfectly good mascara?” Truth is, more people are getting synthetic lashes for a reason. Here are a few:

Customizable Looks

Unlike mascara, you can customize how you want your eyelash extensions to look. Whether you want to add more body, create a sassy cat-eyed look, or tell your Atlanta makeup artist to give you longer lashes, you can do it all when you go the synthetic route.

Easy Cleanup

Are you sick of going through half of a bag of cotton swabs just to clean off all of your mascara at night before you go to bed? You can kiss all of that cotton goodbye when you have eyelash extensions applied. Just wash your face like you normally would, and you’re good to go.

Extensions Stay On 24/7

At some point in the day or week, you’re going to have to take off that mascara and go natural. This means that you aren’t going to get the same “pop” you enjoy from your lashes when you have your mascara on. Not so with synthetic. Your eyelash extensions will stick with you through thick and thin, rain or shine, morning or night.

More, more more!

There’s no getting around the fact that eyelash extensions give you more fullness, more length and even more confidence than mascara does. Do you really think that all of the girls in those mascara commercials have such great looking lashes from the product that they represent? Probably not.

In conclusion, going the synthetic route is the best choice if you want stunningly beautiful eyelashes. Pricing is surprisingly low, and with all of the benefits that eyelash extensions bring, it’s money well-spent.

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