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All About NovaLash

Many people don’t have the eyelashes they want. Whether it is due to genetics or aging, they simply don’t have long, thick eyelashes. Atlanta eyelash extensions from Luxury Lash Lounge are safe and effective eyelash extensions because they use NovaLash products. NovaLash focuses on safety and quality in all their products and only sell to people they have trained.

What Is NovaLash?

Founded in 2004 by Sophy Merzei, a biological and cosmetic chemist, NovaLash is a pioneer in the field of eyelash extension outside. Working with a team of University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine physicians and scientists, NovaLash crafted a way to produce safe and effective eyelash extensions. The result is flawless extensions that are completely safe. NovaLash offers products and training in all 50 states to experienced professionals.

Popular NovaLash Products

There are many great NovaLash products, and all of them are safe and effective:

• Natural Lashes — These natural lashes are long, luscious and glossy. They come in different lengths and can have different curl and thickness for each client.
• Curl Lashes — NovaLash’s Curly Curl Lashes, B-Curl Lashes and D-Curl Lashes offer fantastic curling.
• LASHcandy — LASHcandy makes your lashes stand out with glimmer and shimmer. They come in many different colors and last up to two weeks. They can be worn day or night.
• Adhesives — NovaLash also offers different adhesives, such as a platinum bond or one for sensitive eyes.
• LASHcare — NovaLash offers makeup, cleaning products and aftercare products to help keep your lashes looking their best.

Why Choose NovaLash?

NovaLash is a great choice for lash extensions because they look fantastic and they are safe. Customers are amazed at how long the lash extensions last and how natural and beautiful they look.

Safety of NovaLash Products

NovaLash takes the time to make their products as safe as possible. They only use the cleanest, safest formulas, and all products are scientifically formulated and ophthalmologist tested. They are also glycol and carbonate free.

If you’re thinking of having an eyelash extension procedure performed, look no further than Luxury Lash Lounge. Our NovaLash products will enhance your beauty while providing you with the safety and peace of mind you desire.

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