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Our training classes were created using the most advanced and innovative procedures in the industry today. One thing you will not see at Luxury Lash Academy, is a classroom full of people. We are dedicated in keeping our classes small. This will ensure personal attention to detail for each student.

To receive most out of Luxury Lash Academy’s training, we have a variety of choices that fit everyone’s needs.

One-day Basic Fundamental Class

Our beginner curriculum incorporates:

  1. Theory
  2. Tools
  3. Hygiene
  4. Application/Removal
  5. How to market yourself
  6. Adhesives and how they work and break down
  7. Hands on training working on multiple models, all included in the price of training

If on site training at your salon or spa, models will need to be provided. After completion of our one-day intensive course, each student must submit 3 full sets of extensions before receiving their certification.

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Two-day Intensive Class With Certification

Our two-day course begins with a recap of the prior day. Hands on training with advanced techniques such as: 

  1. Systematic placement (maximizing speed)
  2. Building (stacking)
  3. Corrective work
  4. Lash Designing
  5. Home After Care
  6. Cluster lashes
  7. Maintenance and touch ups
  8. Components of Adhesives
  9. Hands on training on a variety of  models

Includes: Professional Kit & Live Models

Only $300.00 deposit to enroll | Total cost: $1,200.00

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4-day Core To The Floor Course

4-Day Core Course is meant for the technician who can master the process of lash extensions in a highly intense yet realistic environment. This course incorporates all of the components of our one-day fundamental course, two-day intensive course, and building business strategies. This course lays the ground work for a versatile career. This course empowers our students on how to market and set themselves on a path to a 6-figure income.

Our students have the opportunity to work on a variety of models. Also  learning business principals and sales techniques in an interactive setting. We will demonstrate:

  1. Tried and true sales practices
  2. How to market yourself cost effectively
  3. How to determine what service is right for each client
  4. How to give back to the community

At Luxury Lash Academy we take pride in coaching and training our students about the importance of Leadership, how to give back to your community, and how to be a self-starter.

We are committed and passionate about making a difference, having our students succeed and setting them up to win. Once you leave us, we don’t close the door. All of our professionals are welcomed back.

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Free Of Charge

To shadow our master lash extensionists so they can succeed with confidence. We know you have a choice when it comes to education and career development. We cordially invite you to choose a company with over 14 years experience in lash extensions exclusively. We have seen the evolution of this spectacular field grow and become the fastest growing segment in the beauty industry. Please don’t delay! Let Luxury Lash Academy help you realize your spectacular potential within.

Please remember if you are passionate about something it will give you boundless energy.

Doing something you despise cannot fulfill your Destiny.

And if you are passionate about what you do, you have a great advantage over others: Because one person with passion has a greater capacity to succeed than 99 % who have only an interest. In other words we really want to make sure that you desire to perform these services and want to learn with ferocity like no other. If you are sincerely committed, then lets begin on this journey together!